Friday, February 17, 2012

In The Wake of Heroes #1 Review by

When you are old and can see the end of your days, how do you want to be remembered? Do you want just wither away or do you want to go out with a bang?

Jason Roman is a soldier who saw his share of war. While in Korea he guns down a soldier who is really old. He is questioned as to why such an old soldier was on the battle field and not with his family. That same question can be asked of the young soldiers…

Jason tries to convince his son, General Riley Roman to enlist the help of older soldiers instead of sending the younger ones to an early grave. Seems there are some elderly heroes that do not want to wither away, but rather be remembered! The General is not impressed and squashes the idea. He will not enlist old men with one foot in the grave for his missions. Jason will have to find another way to let these men go out with dignity without government backing…

Kolinsky has really created a unique piece. I was expecting a “Captain America” type comic but I was pleasantly surprised. The story had a very unique view of what real heroes are and what they can do. Not a bad idea really. I would rather kamikaze myself and save other than to die as a burden.

Arifin’s art has a very unique feel to it. I can feel that great care and pride of work was taken when these panels were drawn. The colors are vibrant and I’ve learned a lot about drawing just by studying these pages. My favorite pane is the one where Larry is saluting from his wheelchair.

The only beef I have with this chapter is that it’s too short. 16 pages is just an appetite wetter. Give me more!

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